Ok, so anyone who knows me, knows I love all kinds of music, but I lean towards music that speaks to me. I mean, literally, “speaks to me” with lyrics that I feel tell me a story. Lately, I have gravitated in the direction of a new group (ok not exactly new but new to me) called, Twenty-One Pilots. I find their latest song, Heathens to be haunting in the way that sticks with you. I first heard of them because of the latest DC movie, Suicide Squad.


The character, Harley is a beautiful, yet crazy, pigtail wearing, wise-cracking and bubble gum blowing girl. The scene is dark and eerie


centering on her slowly swinging on a rope, slung across the top of an iron cage. She gracefully arches her back as she appears to pose as an aerial acrobat.


The music drifts in and settles around you and just like that you are sucked in, or maybe that was just me. I will admit, it is hard to pay attention to the lyrics as the melody is hypnotic but when you start finally start paying attention to the words…wow!